About Matt and the Clinic

Whenever people ask me “why addiction counselling?” I always tell them this is not the career I envisioned myself embarking on when I was a child.

Matt Landsiedel B.HSc. RPC CLT

is a Registered Professional Counsellor and Certified Laser Therapist. He is also the founder of Nu Energy Laser and Addiction Services Inc.

Nu Energy collaborates Laser Therapy,
Addiction Counselling, and Health & Wellness Coaching
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About Matt Landsiedel

“How did you get to be doing what you’re doing?”

Whenever people ask me “why addiction counselling?” I always tell them this is not the career I envisioned myself embarking on when I was a child. I did not dream of one day growing up to help people recover from addiction. However, looking back with the knowledge I have now, I know in my heart this is, and was the profession for me but I just didn’t know it at the time.

I remember being a child and always having feelings of sorrow for other people that I perceived were suffering or appeared challenged in some way. I was not the type of child who would laugh, pass judgement, and lack understanding of people that were different than myself. Who knew this innate quality of empathy I possessed as a child would be how I make a living.

I grew up in a household that I classify as a modern-day typical family. Like many others I grew up with, I experienced a family break up at the age of 9 and looking back it was one of the toughest things I have ever been through but it truly has defined the person I am today and for that I am thankful.

I lost my direction early in my adolescent years due to a lack of structure and discipline. I ended up getting involved with the “wrong” crowd. Through these people and experiences, I began making choices that would forever shape my life. I experimented with drugs and alcohol throughout my teenage years. Toward the latter half of my teens I developed an addiction to crack/cocaine. This was a pivotal point in my life because looking back if I didn’t have the support and determination to overcome this hurdle, I think I would still be addicted to this day.

I got sober by going to treatment for a month and seeing an Addiction Counsellor every two weeks for two years. I put in the hard work to get clean and the reward is still paying off today. Once I got sober I decided to get back into high school to upgrade my classes for university. I did this for one year and applied to the University of Lethbridge to get into the Addiction Counselling program. I was accepted in 2004 and for the first time in a long time I was making the people around me proud. This was such an amazing feeling, better than any feeling I ever got from any substance.

I have now been working with mental health and addictions in some capacity for 7 years. I wake up each day so grateful to be able to pass on the knowledge I gained from my experiences. I consciously made choices to make my life more functional and enjoyable and I now want to teach people how to make these same choices for themselves. I strongly believe happiness is a choice and we must consciously act in ways that promote happiness rather than dissatisfaction.

“You say you work with people who are addicted to substances, want to lose weight, and are stressed and anxious – what is really your specialty then?”

I believe addiction, weight problems, stress and anxiety all have pillars of commonality; they can all be derived from a lack of coping skills. I feel I am qualified to treat these 3 areas because I work with the underlying thoughts and emotions driving the behaviour and the behavior itself. You can tell someone to stop behaving a certain way but if they don't understand what was motivating the undesired behaviour in the first place, they will not be interested in changing that behaviour. People want new behaviours to replace ones that are not working for them. I am skill-based in my practice and will never take an unhealthy coping skill away without replacing it with a healthy one. I work with your thoughts and emotions to help process the underlying motivating factors so you can begin to find healthier, functional ways to think, feel, and behave.

I consider myself a “mental health specialist” – first and foremost, I enjoy psychology and the human mind. I love to work with people who are interested in sharing their story, opinions, and having deep meaningful conversations about life. I don’t use specific tools or testing to measure you as a human being. I believe human beings are much more complex than this. Our mental health system tends to view things as black and white when we all know we are a grey species. This is why I practice holistically – I will ask a lot of questions, and some of them won’t have answers but together we will find the answers and help build you an identity beyond your addiction, beyond your stress and anxiety, and beyond your weight problems. I am all about discovering your authentic self – the person you are when you are most content.

My ideal client is someone who is willing to challenge themself and will put the hard work forward because they have the desire to be their greatest. I am an optimist by nature and I really enjoy collaborating with other optimists. When two minds are put together it is amazing what can be accomplished. I also appreciate someone who will challenge my ideas as a counsellor and help me grow as well. I do not pretend to have all the answers, I just know what works for me and together we can explore and discover what works for you.

I really enjoy working with youth and have worked with this population for the last 5 years of my career. I feel like I am making a difference because they are young, resilient, and research indicates higher success rates when you start to instill life skills at a younger age.

“Why should I see you over the other thousands of Counsellors?”

I spent four years studying Addiction Counselling at the University of Lethbridge. I obtained my undergraduate degree in Health Sciences specializing in Addictions. I have 7 years experience working in the field of Mental Health & Addictions. I have worked in inpatient and outpatient settings facilitating groups, and providing individual and family counselling. I have worked in private and public addiction treatment centres and have acquired many diverse skills to provide to my clients from these experiences.

Recently, I was instrumental in developing a forensic mental health program at the Calgary Young Offender Centre. I have also worked as a tobacco reduction counsellor and have the expertise in helping people prevent and overcome nicotine addiction. I have worked extensively with cognitive-behavioural models of therapy and have seen great success using this clinical orientation in my counselling practice. I am a creative counsellor who specializes in behaviour modification. I strongly support holistic modalities to treat addiction. I discovered low level laser therapy by searching for alternative solutions to my own nicotine addiction. I soon realized the high success rates that come with it and now strongly encourage people suffering from addiction to try it for themselves. I am a Certified Laser Therapist and completed my training through Matrix Institute of Laser Therapy.

I have been described by some of my clients as someone who motivates and inspires people to make healthy lifestyle choices. I have an unwavering commitment to you and will go the extra mile to ensure you are successful using the NU ENERGY Method of recovery.

“What makes you unique to work with?”

Unlike most Addiction Counsellors in Calgary, I treat addiction, stress, anxiety and obesity from a purely holistic perspective. From assessment to treatment, I will work with your mind, body and spirit collectively.

In my past experience, I had clients come into my office that were so stressed out and anxious they were a challenge to treat mentally and emotionally because there physical symptoms were preventing them from tapping into their rational mind. Ideally, I want to stabilize the physical symptoms so I can work with the mental/emotional more effectively. Laser therapy does just this, its allows the physical body to relax so we can begin to teach skills and process the issues that are underlying the physical symptoms.

Once the physical symptoms are alleviated, we can then begin to assess what is required mentally/emotionally to prevent future symptoms from reoccurring. Our mind is our gate to our emotions, if we can learn to have our mind work for us rather than against us, we can use it for miraculous things. This includes being able to manage our emotional responses. If we can manage our emotions we can manage cravings, impulses, how we behave, and ultimately how we respond to the world around us.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best: “The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of the state of your mind”

“What can I expect to gain from working with you?”

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Increase your ability to deal with conflict within your interpersonal relationships
  • Decrease the frequency, intensity, and duration of your cravings
  • Increase your skill set for coping with emotions
  • Acquire tangible skills to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Learn how to build structure into your life and keep it there for good
  • Learn how to sustain change so you don’t keep returning to the same old habits
  • Learn how to be honest with yourself regardless of the situation
  • The “key ingredients” to living the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted
  • How to be persistent and never lose sight of your goals
  • Discover how to motivate yourself
  • Feel much more confident, grounded, and secure in your own life
  • Learn that life can still be satisfying without substances

“How do you work with your clients exactly?”

Counselling and Laser Therapy with me will always begin with an assessment of what is going on for you. I will ask questions like “What brings you here today?” or “what would you like to see change from accessing my services?”. This is a time for me to get an idea of why you are seeking my services and how I can best meet your needs. Once I have an idea of the services that you are seeking we will establish goals you want to achieve during your sessions. We will then draft a treatment plan that will meet the needs of the goals that we have developed collaboratively. Treatment plans are very unique to the individual. If you have any questions about what your potential treatment plan may look like please contact me and I will be more than happy to do a free consultation with you.

“OK, I’m ready, but I have a couple of additional questions before getting started… Can we chat first?”

Sure, sounds like you’re ready for this transformation. Just email the clinic at info@nuenergylaser.com, use my contact form or call me directly at 1.403.667.2056