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Below you'll find informative posts, my personal thoughts, rants and success stories.

Saturday, November 15 - 2014

Essential oils can help you stay smoke-free!

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When cravings for nicotine strike and it seems like nothing will work, essential oils can be that extra boost to push you past the craving. Let me explain… Essential oils are plant medicine and are versatile for many different things. People have been using plant oil to quit smoking for…

Wednesday, November 12 - 2014

29 Years Later...My Ingredients to Living Free

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My name is Matt Landsiedel and I am an Addiction Counsellor from Calgary, Alberta. This is my last year before I turn 30 and my 20’s have taught me so much that I want to pass on. My goal in life is to strive to achieve happiness and satisfaction in…

Tuesday, April 29 - 2014

E-Cigarettes and the Addictive Mind

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Electronic cigarettes are becoming popular in mainstream society and people are using them as an attempt to quit smoking. Before I start my rant I want people to understand that I am an Addiction Counsellor and I believe in harm reduction, so when it comes down to it, I would…

Tuesday, February 25 - 2014

13 'must knows' to quit smoking for good

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1) List 10 reasons you want to quit quitting smoking is a journey of ups and downs. It is in the downs that we lose sight of the reasons why we want to quit and end up smoking. The list will help you refocus yourself before a night out or…

Thursday, January 02 - 2014

Nu Year + Nu Energy = Nu You in 2014!

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2014 is going to be an amazing year! 2013 was all about laying the ground work for our goals and dreams and now 2014 we get to live them. It is an exciting time that will be filled with many highs and lows... after all this is the ebb and…

Friday, December 20 - 2013

5 tips to support your "out-of-control" child

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I have spent a large part of my career working with youth with addiction issues. I have had the opportunity to see first hand how challenging it can be. I have a great deal of respect for any parent who has to endure experiencing a child who is "out-of-control" with…

Saturday, November 16 - 2013

Living in the Moment

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There is so much hype right now in the field of psychology about mindfulness and living in the moment. However, this form of transpersonal self-exploration has been around for hundreds of years and we are now beginning to explore it in mainstream western psychology. How do we truly live in…

Thursday, September 12 - 2013

Taming your Mind

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Our mind can be like a wild animal at times and can almost have a mind of its own. I experienced this in university when I would find myself getting embarrassed in large groups of people or doing presentations in front of the class. I would fear becoming embarrassed and…

Tuesday, August 20 - 2013

Clove Oil: Reversing the Aging Process?

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Clove oil is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants that human beings can consume. Anti-oxidants are measured on a scale known as the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). The higher the ORAC value the more powerful and effective the antioxidant to the human body. Let me explain the…

I have been researching low level laser therapy for just over a two years now. I came across it through a friend who had used laser to successfully quit smoking. I was a smoker at the time and I had tried quitting several times and nothing seemed to work for…

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