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Saturday, November 15 - 2014

Essential oils can help you stay smoke-free!

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When cravings for nicotine strike and it seems like nothing will work, essential oils can be that extra boost to push you past the craving. Let me explain…

Essential oils are plant medicine and are versatile for many different things. People have been using plant oil to quit smoking for many years. These plant oils have the ability to stimulate a region in your brain in charge of emotional control. This region is called the limbic system and it is comprised of the amygdala and hypothalamus. These two areas are in charge of so much; emotion, memory, and hormone secretion, to name a few.

Your sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to your limbic system. This means you can change your emotions by simply smelling an essential oil. Essential oils as a whole have 13 types of constituents that have the ability to change the chemistry in the human brain/body. This means that you can stimulate or relax yourself by smelling therapeutic grade essential oils.

The quality of essential oils matters – I get my oils from a company called Young Living where they guarantee organic, therapeutic grade oils safe for inhalation, topical application, and oral consumption. You do not want to be ingesting oils that contain synthetic chemicals (which is 98% of the oils on the market).

If you are interested please contact me as Young Living oils are direct to consumer and I distribute them through my clinic. I can provide you with a wholesale membership to get you 25% off of all the products within Young Living.



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