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Tuesday, February 25 - 2014

13 'must knows' to quit smoking for good

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1) List 10 reasons you want to quit quitting smoking is a journey of ups and downs. It is in the downs that we lose sight of the reasons why we want to quit and end up smoking. The list will help you refocus yourself before a night out or even when your feeling stressed.

2) Build meaning and purpose into your change without emotional investment you're less likely to quit. Light the burning fire inside you that is determined to make change happen. Rise above addiction and take charge of your life.

3) STOP MAKING EXCUSES! this is huge if you want to be successful. We can always find a reason to not quit and before you know it you will be 50 years old with a wrinkly face, cancer, yellow rotten teeth, etc. I dare you to find a reason to quit and stick to it.

4) Stop using humour to deflect the seriousness of your nicotine addiction look yourself in the mirror and face the fact that you have a problem and do something about it. Cracking jokes is the addictive minds way of keeping you in denial.

5) Use essential oils to deal with cravings essential oils have the ability to stimulate the amygdala in your limbic system. this is the emotional control center of your brain. Your sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to this region of the brain. You can relax or stimulate your emotions by using essential oils. Not all essential oils are created equal so make sure they are 100% pure. I recommend Young Living Essential Oils.

6) Don't drink alcohol for at least 3 months after quitting smoking all to often alcohol is the reason why we end up lighting up again. Alcohol has the ability to inhibit the judgement center of our brain.

7) Surround yourself with people who don't smoke you increase your odds significantly if you don't expose yourself to the smell and sight of smoking...at least for the first few months.

8) Tell your friends and family you are quitting often times people are reluctant to tell people in case they go back to smoking then they wont look like a failure. This is step one to failure...leaving the door open a crack will only tempt you to open it during times of stress. Shut the door by telling everyone you are quitting.

9) Distract yourself from cravings when a craving strikes you have two options: distract yourself or feed it. If you throw fuel on a fire it will grow, this is no different for a craving. Throwing thoughts of smoking onto a craving will turn into you lighting up. A psychological craving lasts as long as you choose to let it last. We have the power to shift our thoughts all day everyday so use this mental power. Using this skill is the difference between being successful and unsuccessful. "Mind over matter" is a good mantra to keep you on task when you feel like you are getting unfocused or when your addictive mind is messing with you.

10) JUST QUIT! don't use nicotine replacement gum, patches, pills, etc. The addictive mind always wants more. Don't give it anything and it will slowly die. If you feed it pills, patches or gums it is telling the addictive mind that you are not ok to move on and that you still have a void to be filled.

11) Physical Exercise physical activity has the ability to stimulate feel good chemicals in the brain. These are the same chemicals artificially stimulated when you smoke. You are naturally balancing the chemical deficit after quitting by doing something active. Plus its nice to see a difference in your lung capacity and it will keep you motivated. Soon walking up a flight of stairs wont leave you breathless.

12) Cleanse your body pick up a cleanse at your local health food store. Lung and liver cleanse would be a great start. Get your teeth whitened as well. This will make you think twice before lighting up.

13) Reward yourself treat yourself with something nice with the money you saved from quitting smoking. Go for a massage!

Remember you can do it as long as you put your mind to it. Choose a quit date and stick to that date. Start cutting back before your quit date so your withdrawal symptoms are not as overwhelming. Call if you want a laser treatment to help you get over the physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

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