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Thursday, July 25 - 2013

What the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to know...

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I have been researching low level laser therapy for just over a two years now. I came across it through a friend who had used laser to successfully quit smoking. I was a smoker at the time and I had tried quitting several times and nothing seemed to work for me. The cravings would be too strong and I hated how I would feel when I was going through the withdrawal. I would get sick, tired, hungry, irritable, etc. No one wanted to be around me when I was trying to quit smoking.

I decided after mulling it over for a few weeks that I was going to try laser therapy. I said "you know what Matt, it seems pricy but in the long run if it works I will be saving a lot of money if I do quit". well a few years later I am still a non-smoker. I didn't go through any withdrawal symptoms, the physical cravings were non-existent and I was left dealing with the psychological aspects but it was easier to deal with my mind when my body wasn't nagging me. I came to the conclusion that laser therapy for addictions works! The imperial research is just starting to be conducted and delivered to professionals so there is still some skepticism but you know what, I am a firm believer that if something works, it works! Laser therapy is basically acupuncture using a laser instead of needles. Acupuncture has been working for 5000 years and laser is more technologically advanced. It's ancient tradition meets the modern science.

I am here to share a little secret that I have come across while doing my research for starting my own laser therapy/addiction clinic in Calgary, AB, Canada. While I was training and certifying to become a laser therapist I came across a lot of testimonials, research articles and just general support for laser therapy. I was curious....if laser therapy works so well for so many conditions, then why is it not used more in the western world? I strongly believe there is one answer to this question...because it works! Pharmaceutical companies don't endorse products or services that will fully eliminate the conditions that they are selling drugs for. They want people to continue to suffer so they can benefit financially from our suffering. Laser therapy is clinically proven to have up to 94% success rates in pain reduction/elimination yet its not mainstream? Something was very fishy about this. Pain medication does not treat pain, it masks it. It is very addictive as well; leaving people in pain and withdrawal if they discontinue using it. I feel this is where they have hooked us and until we find alternative strategies to deal with our mind and bodies we will continue to be subjected by the worlds largest legal drug dealer - the pharmaceutical industry.

Another important point to make is that many of the medical schools in North America are funded by the major pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, doctors and other medical practitioners have relationships established with these companies and their philosophies before they have even graduated from medical school. I found this appalling because our medical system is letting us down once again. They would rather benefit from our suffering then see us get healthy because it isn't economically suitable for them or the government.

Once I realized this I was so furious I said to myself "you know what screw this, I am sharing this with the world no matter how much resistance I have to fight through". I care about making sure people fully eliminate their conditions and I know laser therapy is one way to do this.

Please educate yourself before you take medications that may only be masking conditions rather than curing them. This includes quit smoking drugs like chantix, zyban, etc. and other drugs that claim to support you in recovery from addiction.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it was helpful and you feel empowered to make educated choices when you seek treatment for pain or addiction. Please check out my website for more information on how low level laser therapy works and how you can benefit from it.

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is a Registered Professional Counsellor and Certified Laser Therapist. He is also the founder of Nu Energy Laser and Addiction Services Inc.

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