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Below you'll find informative posts, my personal thoughts, rants and success stories.

Saturday, November 15 - 2014

Essential oils can help you stay smoke-free!

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When cravings for nicotine strike and it seems like nothing will work, essential oils can be that extra boost to push you past the craving. Let me explain… Essential oils are plant medicine and are versatile for many different things. People have been using plant oil to quit smoking for…

Tuesday, April 29 - 2014

E-Cigarettes and the Addictive Mind

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Electronic cigarettes are becoming popular in mainstream society and people are using them as an attempt to quit smoking. Before I start my rant I want people to understand that I am an Addiction Counsellor and I believe in harm reduction, so when it comes down to it, I would…

Tuesday, February 25 - 2014

13 'must knows' to quit smoking for good

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1) List 10 reasons you want to quit quitting smoking is a journey of ups and downs. It is in the downs that we lose sight of the reasons why we want to quit and end up smoking. The list will help you refocus yourself before a night out or…

Monday, May 27 - 2013

Food Addiction 101

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I work as an Addiction Counsellor in Calgary, AB and have been asked by many of my clients if food can really be an addiction. I started doing some research for a business I was developing and I came to conclusion that certain foods do have the potential to be…

Monday, May 20 - 2013

Quit Smoking with Laser Therapy

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If you have been trying to quit smoking and just cant seem to stick to it you are in the right place. Laser therapy is acupuncture using visible red light energy. By painlessly stimulating acupuncture points with this light source, we are able to release endorphins in the body that…

Monday, May 06 - 2013

Breaking the stigma of addiction

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Addiction is one of those words that typically carries negative connotation and people avoid using the term because society often associates weakness or lack of control. I am here to normalize the use of this word and broaden the meaning we often attach to the word addiction. Typically people view…