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Tuesday, August 20 - 2013

Clove Oil: Reversing the Aging Process?

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Clove oil is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants that human beings can consume. Anti-oxidants are measured on a scale known as the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). The higher the ORAC value the more powerful and effective the antioxidant to the human body. Let me explain the…

Monday, June 24 - 2013

Vibrational Frequency of Essential Oils

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“Everything is alive, connected and changing, yielding its own life force or ‘Chi’. This flow of energy can be quantified, typically measured in units called hertz. Named after Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist who experimentally proved the existence of electromagnetic waves, hertz (abbreviated Hz) can be defined as electrical energy…

Monday, June 17 - 2013

Dirty Dozen, Clean 15

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Hi Everyone, I took this information right off of the web so i can share it with you. There are certain foods that you can get away with eating non-organic but research is indicating certain foods that we need to be eating organic because of the high incidence of pesticides…

Monday, June 10 - 2013

Super Healthy Smoothies

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Hi Everyone, This week I was inspired to write about shakes and how convenient, beneficial and nourishing they are. I hear from a lot of my clients that they are simply too busy to be eating healthy and it takes too much time. If this is you and health is…

Monday, June 03 - 2013

Eating Right: Thyroid & Metabolism

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Good day everyone, I recently attended a workshop on how to use nutrition to support thyroid conditions and boost your metabolism. The workshop was hosted by Rejuve yoga studio in Calgary, AB, Canada and the speaker was Orsha Magyar with Neurotrition. Orsha also works in Vancouver part time with a…